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Licensed Commercial Drone pilots in the Upstate.

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

A lot of people may not know this, but it's actually illegal to fly a drone commercially without a license. This means weddings, real estate, corporate events, churches, and more need to have someone who is licensed to fly a drone. This is especially important as the FAA beings to clamp down on all drone pilots, requiring unlicensed pilots to pass a TRUST test in order to fly recreationally. In response to the huge number of unlicensed commercial drone pilots we created this list using information made publicly available from the FAA. While this list it not exhaustive it should help you choose who to hire for your aerial needs.

  1. Carlos loaiza with Pro Bros Productions

  2. Christopher Jalbert with Media Carolinas

  3. Davey Morgan with Davey Morgan Photography & Greenville Video Services

  4. Douglas Moon with Virtual Site Aerial Solutions

  5. Elias Jose Falero with Falero Studios

  6. Forrest Briggs with Forrest Briggs Photography

  7. James Cancello with Above Ground Level

  8. Jennifer Marie Weaver with Weaver Wedding films & Point of View Productions, LLC

  9. Kolby Galloway With Eagle One Photography

  10. Marc McNatt with Upstate Drone Works

  11. Michael Jalbert with Media Carolinas and Michael Jalbert Photography

  12. R3drone R3Aerial

  13. Robert Nix with RE Drone SC

  14. Ryan McCutchen with Drone View Photography

  15. Sergio Loaiza with Pro Bros Productions

  16. SkyCam production LLC

  17. Stephanie Council with Stephanie Council Photography

  18. Stephen Baxley with Airworx Unmanned Solutions

  19. Ben Ivins with Ben Ivins Media

  20. Jason Cansler with Under The Sun Imaging

  21. Morgan Burden with Bonfire Visuals

  22. Joesph Brandon Dipietro with DiPietro Weddings: Photography & Films LLC

Once again, this list is NOT exhaustive and only serves as a tool to help you make an informed decision using information that is available to the public via the FAA airmen inquiry site.

Want to be on this list? Contact us at with your full legal name and your pilot certificate number.

If you would like your name removed from the list you can contact us at

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